How to Play FriendlyStock+

Game Play:
Join the FriendlyStock Exchange! The Exchange will give you $2000 to start with, in return for your shares, and you can claim a regular Bonus every 6 hours.

You can now buy stocks in other people who are playing the game. Each player has a current stock price. You can buy up to 5 units of any player in the game, all except yourself. If you like someone, you can buy their stock. It's like becoming friends with someone, only you are invested!

If the value of these stocks you own increases so does your net worth. Selling a unit of stock will give you more game cash. You can use this cash to buy more stocks.

Communication was always important in the original game, and in FS+ it is central to the game. Show you appreciation for good news. Post how you are feeling, comment on other people’s posts and get involved!

There are several core elements to the game.

1. Communication:
Communication is central to the game. You can like and comment on posts in the News Feed. Post on your own wall, or that of another player or like and comment on other posts. Game news will also appear on your wall; players walls and in the news feed, about things that are going on, you can also like and comment on these.

2. Stocks:
To grow your networth you need to invest your cash in stock and investments. Money not invested is not growing.

3. Split your Stock:
To split your stock you will need your stock price to go up. The first threshold is $1000. Once you reach it a split button will appear. A small fee will cover your split, your shareholders will get a cash payout, keep their shares and your share price will halve. At the same time the amount of shares you can buy in players will increase.

4. Gifts:
You can give gifts to other players. Go their profile page, press the gifts button to see a list of gifts you can give.
There are lots of categories of gifts, from the simple to the fantastic!

Gifts are bought with credits. Gifts vary in price and properties. Buying a gift for someone will increase their Bonus Multiplier score for a period of time, which can help their stock price climb. Who knows, they may even buy you something in return!

5. Investments:
If you have surplus cash, you can invest in some alternative options. Bonds, Lottery Tickets, Assets and Business Ventures.

6. Crash your Stock:
You will have a limited number of crashes per season.
Game Navigation:
Clicking on your profile icon on the right hand side of the menu bar will reveal the menu.

  News Feed   Search   Profile   Leaderboard

The same menu of options is also in the footer, except for logout, Tax and Notification buttons. Each of these menu items will access the mains screens/funcrtionality of the game.

The Home screen/News Feed screen:
The central column on the Newsfeed page is where you will see some of what is going on in the game, what your investors are up to, what your stock interests are doing and general market news, good and bad. You can post your own comments here as well and you can respond to other posts by commenting or rating them with a ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’.

The left column you will see your stock price/performance, game cash and credit totals

The right column you will see the FriendlyStock100 index, Tax information etc and your notifications. Notifications on mobile will be accessed via a separate footer icon.

The FriendlyStock100 (a bit like the FTSE100), tracks the Friendly Stock market as a whole, indicating market performance and volatility with a continuous graph. A crash could happen, so be wary. If a market crash happens, the value of your stocks could fall dramatically, hopefully you will be able to spot it quickly and act accordingly.

Player search screen:
To look for other players you can click the magnify icon and then search for players. If you click on a player it will take you directly to their profile page.

Player profile screen:
Profile pages look similar to the Newsfeed page. The main difference is the central column will have a menu to access extra details about the player (or you) and the feed will be specific to that profile.

1. Buying Stocks:
The green ‘BUY” button will purchase 1 unit of stock in that player at the current stock price (shown below the button). You can own up to 5 units of that person at any one time.

2. Selling Stocks:
The yellow ‘SELL’ button will sell 1 unit of stock in the player at the current stock price.

3. Buying a gift:
The purple ‘GIFT’ button will open the Gift Screen and allow you to choose from a selection of gifts to buy for that player. The player receiving the gift may get a Bonus Multiplier from the gift that may help to increase their stock price. Each gift has a different price and properties.

4. Bonus
The tax man gives out a free cash bonus if he is feeling generous. Click the “BONUS” button to accept it.

5. Player Profile Menu:

- Activity Tab
This is the ‘wall’ or ‘news feed’ for that player. Post messages directly to this player. You can also comment on posts on this page and rate them with ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’.

- About Tab
If the player has added personal information about themselves, it will be here.

- Gifts Tab
Any gifts a player has received will be shown here

- Shareholders
This tab shows shares that the player owns, and also who owns shares in them.

- Bank Statement
On your own profile screen you (and only you) will be able to see your account financial transactions.

Leaderboard screen:
This page will show various means of ranking game players.

Player notifications:
If someone responds to a post, you have tax to pay or other in-game information, you will get.a notification.